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Pray for Your Child’s Path in Life

Mother Hen Prays - a Prayer Ministry

Entrust your child to God in prayer; begin your prayer time with Scripture:

Gracious God, May_____ realize that his(her) life is not his(her) own, may _____ look to You to direct his(her) steps.  ~Amen
(Jeremiah 10:23)

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Posted by: Sandra Rodrigues | September 5, 2014

Good reading! Check it out!

A Conservative Christian Declaration

Posted by: Sandra Rodrigues | April 25, 2012

I’ve been rescued

I was given a drink of water when I thought I would die.

I’ve been born again.

Set free, forgiven, I’ve been born again.

I have been rescued.

Posted by: Sandra Rodrigues | June 3, 2010

Salmo 7:10-17

Light bulb 

Sagrada / Portuguese Bible – Velho Testamento / Salmos 7:10-17


O meu escudo está com Deus, que salva os retos de coração.  Deus é um juiz justo, um Deus que se ira todos os dias.  Se o homem se não converter, Deus afiará a sua espada; já tem armado o seu arco e está aparelhado;  e já para ele preparou armas mortais; e porá em ação as suas setas inflamadas contra os perseguidores.  Eis que esse está com dores de perversidade; concebeu trabalhos e produzirá mentiras.  Cavou um poço, e o fez fundo, e caiu na cova que fez.  A sua obra cairá sobre a sua cabeça; e a sua violência descerá sobre a sua mioleira.  Eu louvarei ao SENHOR segundo a sua justiça e cantarei louvores ao nome do SENHOR Altíssimo.

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I choose to believe

24 de outubro

I choose to believe
“I choose to believe that God Himself and what He chooses to provide at this moment is all I need.”
Verna Birkey

Verna Birkey

Posted by: Sandra Rodrigues | October 23, 2009

I choose to believe


“I choose to believe that God Himself and what He chooses to provide at this moment is all I need.”

Verna Birkey

Posted by: Sandra Rodrigues | October 11, 2009

Only Jesus

Only Jesus

Only Jesus

He came in weakness, though He was strong.
Offered forgiveness, though we were wrong.
A loving Shepherd seeking the lost,
for only Jesus could bear the cross.

Though we were guilty, He took our place.
Condemned, unworthy, He gave us grace.
No greater passion that we can know,
for only Jesus could love us so.

So many voices the world has heard.
So many choices, one Living Word.
One great Redeemer for all our sin,
for only Jesus could rise again!

Redemption’s story one day complete.
All nations worship at Jesus’ feet.
One mighty chorus, His praises sing.
For only Jesus is Lord and King!

No other Truth, no other way.
No other Name worthy of praise.
No other hope for eternal life.
Only Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ!

Posted by: Sandra Rodrigues | September 19, 2009

Managing Television in the Home


Managing Television in the Home

Are you aware of what you watch on TV? Do you simply sit on the couch with your remote control and “swallow”  everything you’re told?

And about the use of the internet? What do you use it for? How much time do you spend online doing useful, profitable stuff?

If you have children, do you know  what their interests are when it comes to choosing TV programs or what they are doing when they are online?  Are you interested in helping them to make better use of the resources they have?

These are some topics I am concerned with.

Now, it’s time to turn the computer off. See you,

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A new computer!!

Trying to organize things here. I fell like I am living in a mansion now!!I have so many gigas now! 🙂

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Glory to God Luke 2:14

Handel George  Friedrich – The Messiah

Glory to God in the highest,

and peace on earth,

good will towards men.

Luke 2:14

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